The Criteria for Student Icons Award

The Educational Icons Award Nigeria on “A Day With His Excellency”, the criteria for student Icons Award is on a healthy competition on Essay, Art and Singing Contest, as Prof. Kate Omenugha mentioned that she wants the students to be busy in a meaningful activities like this competition in addition to His Excellency Gov. Willie Obiano’s initiative on “Teaching on Air Scheme” during the Pandemic. 

Essay Topics:
For Senior Secondary: The Impact of Educational Icons in the History of Anambra State. 450 words

For Junior Secondary: The Effect of COVID 19 Pandemic on the lives of Anambra Students. 250 words

And for Primary Schools: Why I want to be Anambra State Governor. 150 words,

Art Drawing:
Primary – Nnamdi Azikiwe
JSS Class- Chinua Achebe
SSS Class- Gov. Willie Obiano

Singing Contest:
To sing any good song, Gospel or Circular Music of your choice.

3Million grants prize to be shared accordingly to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions in each of the classes.

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Form is out for 2021-2022 Educational Icons Award Nigeria Essay, Art and Singing competition