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The Educational Icons Award Nigeria (EIAN) 🇳🇬
The organisers of Excellence Awards and Student’s Competition across the nation has been

Endorsed by

the State Ministry of Education Abuja and Supported by Fidelity Bank Plc,  Learn Africa,  SIP Production USA 🇺🇸, amongst others, is out again for 2021/2022_
* Art and
* Singing Competition across Anambra State.

All interested schools, pupils or students should contact us on 07069697730

2020-2021 Anambra State Excellence Award and Competition ended with a grand finale on Anambra @ 30 Ceremony, where 57 Education builders (individual) were Awarded by His Excellency and the 15 winners of Educational Icons Award Competition had the opportunity to come before Governor Willie Obiano to present songs and a portrait of Him, crafted by one of the candidates, was given to His Excellency as a gift.

Semi finals qualifiers, 30 teachers where given Best State Teacher Certificate 2020-2021, while 60 students where given Best State Student Certificate 2020-2021, signed by Hon Commissioner for Basic Education and Federal Project Manager EIAN

Anambra Student-Icons AWARD is on again!

Private and State Schools will be Awarded in 2022!!

A healthy competition on
*Essay writing ✍
*Art (drawing ✍ ) and
*Singing contest 🎤🎼For:

*Primary 3-6
*JSS 1-3 and
* SSS 1-3.

Essay Topic:
*The Major things we ought to do to improve our Democracy in Nigeria.

* Primary 150 words,
* JSS Class 250 words
* SSS Class 450 words

*Art Drawing: What to draw:

*Primary – Map of Nigeria
*JSS Class- Ngozi Okonji Iweala
*SSS Class- GoodLuck Ebele Jonathan

For Singing Contest:

*To sing any good song, Gospel or Circular Music of your choice.

*The form is N1000.
Batch A comes up soon by November!

Write/ Draw at home and come on stage to present in front of the Judges..

State Semi-final qualifiers will go through professional training before the contest.

*We are happy to work with Anambra State and we look forward to successful spectacular events.

Warmest regards,

Engr. Mike C Neboh
Federal Project Manager

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*All S Media presence/ YouTube, TV- Channels, AIT, ABS, most Southeast Radio jingle name announcements.

* Advert on e-ICONS Magazine/ Goodwill message

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